Broken Car Key Repair

Assistance for Broken Car Keys in Dubai

Think about a situation where you have prepared on your own well to leave with regard to work then when you attempt to start your car the key just simply snaps and breaks in the ignition. Worse still, you may be trying to get into your car once the key snaps and breaks or cracks in the lock.



Broken Car Key Repair in Dubai

Don’t worry if your car key has broken or damaged, it could be repaired.

People commonly face problems of broken car key which can be repaired easily within a short time. Usually happens that:

  • Car key starts making a problem, as it gets worn out
  • Car key gets stuck/ jammed inside the ignition
  • Car key gets broken/snapped in the ignition
  • Car key gets broken/ snapped all of sudden within the door or trunk lock of the car
  • Car Transponder chip gets broken/ damaged

If your car keys have worn out, avoid using it till the last moment of its life. Our locksmiths are there in Dubai who could re-cut the key back to its original/ factory specification and the immobilizer chip (built in transponder keys) could be reused/reassembled with the new key. If you come across a situation in which your car key broke into the ignition and could not be removed from it, we are there to extract/ remove that broken part of the key left inside ignition and also provide you a replacement key. We could also repair or replace the faulty ignitions, clearly. In case of damaged remote key FOB or transponder key, we are technically well equipped & specialized in automobile key extractions/programming of all types and makes of cars. If you need, we can rekey/reprogram all the locks of your car within limited time & budget.

Dial 052-4560078 to contact us, your trusted locksmith in Dubai and our technicians would be glad to serve you at any time or corner of the metropolis.