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Car Key Duplication

Amid the chaos of everyday life, the last thing you need is to learn that your car key isn't functioning. Some people assume they will never need a duplicated key; hence they are unconcerned about key duplication. It's important to note, though, that duplicate keys are helpful for a variety of reasons.

By definition, having a backup key reduces your odds of being locked out. You'll almost definitely have a spare key available if you get locked out. At that point, key duplication will be the last thing on your mind as it should be because you were only saved from a terrible lockout situation. After all, you decided to invest in some duplicate keys, so kudos!

It's also essential to understand the distinctions between duplicating, changing, and cutting an entirely new key. A duplicate key should be a replica of the one you already hold, as the name implies. To generate a duplicate of your original key, you'll need to have it on hand.

Car Key Duplication Services by Locksmith Dubai:

Locksmith Dubai replicates car keys on the spot and in our numerous branches. We can duplicate all car keys, including primary keys, remote keys, and transponder keys.

Locksmith Dubai offers key duplication services at two of its locations in International City. If you require a backup set of keys for your vehicle, please contact us on our website or call +971524560078.

You may need a duplicated set of car keys for any reason; Locksmith Dubai is at your service. We are a reputable business located across the UAE and offer 24/7 emergency services if you're ever locked out of your automobile.

Experts in Key Duplication for Automobiles:

If your vehicle has a keyless entry or a transponder key, please let us know if it stops working. Our specialists will reprogram the remote car key or replace the transponder or key fob if damaged.

It's vital to note that unless you have the proper tools, you won't be able to program a new key fob on your own. When you call us, our experts will get the job done as soon as possible. When it comes to auto key duplication, we are the top locksmiths in town.

We Offer Car Key Duplication For Various Brands:

Car Key Duplication for Nissan:

Regardless of the Nissan vehicle you own, you may count on quick, efficient service whenever you need it. We can replace, duplicate, or repair your key if you've lost or broken it or if you've left it locked inside your vehicle.

Car Key Duplication for Honda:

Do you require a replacement Honda key in Dubai? We can assist you. Our skilled staff at Locksmith Dubai will quickly and efficiently provide you with new Honda keys. You can also rest assured that you aren't overpaying to go back behind the wheel because of our competitive prices.

Car Key Duplication for Toyota:

Hundreds of Toyota automobiles are serviced each year by our experienced and insured locksmith technicians. We can help you whether you need a spare key, need any keyless entry remotes programmed, or if you've misplaced your keys.

How Can You Acquire a New Car Key Without Having The Original?

There are a few instances where you need to reproduce your car keys but don't have the original on hand. Even though it may appear impossible, our experts at Locksmith Dubai can duplicate your car keys without the original. It may take a little longer and charge you a little more, but we can efficiently complete the task if you follow the steps given below:

1. Find Out What Kind Of Vehicle You Have:

Our locksmiths will need your car's model, year number, make, and VIN to generate a new car key without the original. The VIN is found on the dashboard of your vehicle and your insurance and registration documents.

To determine whether a new key can be cut, we need to know what type of vehicle you have and how recent it is. Keys for older vehicles are often easier to create than keys for newer, more costly, or high-tech vehicles.

2. Determine the Key's Type:

Before calling a locksmith or an auto shop, you should figure out which key you have. If you take care of this first step, the rest of the process will move much more smoothly and will be much easier for you to seek assistance.

Because every car is built uniquely, each key is unique. You don't need your original set of keys to figure out which type of car keys you have. Decide if your car uses a traditional mechanical key, car key fob, or transponder key.

3. Find the Documents That Indicate Ownership:

After you've gathered all of the information our locksmiths would need, make sure you have all of the essential documentation to confirm that the automobile is yours. If you have not been able to find the original key, our professional key makers won't help you until we know the vehicle is yours.

The car's ownership can be verified using your registration and title. When you provide the locksmith with your information, remember to inform them if your car keys are stolen to reprogram your car so that the old keys will no longer function.

4. Wait Patiently for The Locksmith:

Now it's a matter of patiently waiting for your functional auto key after you've gathered all of the necessary information and taken it to our locksmiths. It's a safe idea to know ahead of time that getting a vehicle key made without the original takes somewhat longer than other methods of car key replacement.

For locksmiths, this method is time-consuming since they must utilize your VIN to check the car database for the correct key for you. However, if the original key were accessible, it would be as simple as duplicating the vehicle key.

Key Duplication Van Service:

We also offer key duplication van services for all of our Dubai customers. Rather than you coming to us, we travel to you and duplicate your keys in the comfort of your own home, workplace, or any other area of your choosing.

We are a fantastic choice if you are looking for a professional auto key manufacture near you. We've worked in this sector for a long time and know-how to get the job done. Locksmith Dubai's key duplication service is both dependable and cost-effective.

'Key' Takeaway:

We understand how distressing it is to misplace or damage your sole car key. Locksmith Dubai can assist you in dealing with any emergency quickly and effectively. Our key makers are trained to operate on almost any car, so you can relax knowing that your car is in skilled hands. Furthermore, your key will be replaced without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Please do not hesitate to approach us straight away to learn more about our services and receive a service quote by visiting our website We look forward to being able to assist you!

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