Car Key Replacement

Get Quick Car Key Replacement in Dubai

Need replacement keys for your car? Don’t worry, your trusted locksmith in Dubai is right on the way.



When you need a car key replacement?

You are not alone to face this problem. Citizens of metros like Dubai usually face issues of car key replacement when:

  • Car Key is left in the ignition, seat or trunk
  • Car Key is left in the metro, cab or simply lost
  • Car Key is damaged due to wears & tears
  • Car key is dropped in water
  • Car key FOB battery gets low

Being local locksmith of your town, we understand you need an urgent response so our locksmith/ technicians are always quick to help you in any such situation.

Duplicate car key without its original key, how?

We are specialized and experienced locksmiths having all the modern equipment onboard with our mobile teams working 24 hours across Dubai. We can provide you with a duplicate car key without having its original. Having the most modern system, we meticulously carry out such type of distinctive job by applying reverse engineering techniques. This complete job gets seamlessly done through the dismantling of the car’s trunk, door or ignition lock and exactly reassembling it after taking the mechanical reprint of the key knobs.

How to avoid car key replacement?

Although we could happily provide you with a duplicate car key without having its original car key, we suggest our clients to:

  • Always take care of car keys,
  • At least keep one duplicate / spare car key, cloned from its original
  • Not to delay having replacement / duplicate car keys

Our locksmith technicians are there in Dubai to swiftly respond to your requirement of car key replacement of any key type and brand.

How to find the best Car Key Replacement locksmiths in Dubai?

We are One Window Solution for all your Car Key Replacement requirements. In today’s digital world, car key replacement is not a simple locksmith’s job rather it involves the use of technical knowledge as well as the modern gadgets to get that job done in lesser efforts, time & budget.

We skillfully carry out car key replacement for all types of car keys that include:

  • Replace, duplicate & repair of Metallic Car Key
  • Replace, duplicate & repair of Car Key Remote
  • Replace, duplicate & repair of Smart Key
  • Replace built-in or removable battery of your car FOB/ car key

The best locksmith in Dubai for GCC Cars, American Cars, Japanese cars and German cars

If you are looking for a locksmith in Dubai to carry out car keys replacement of your very own, leading, German Automotive car brands like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, and Volkswagen, we are the best car key makers. Needless to mention that our locksmith team is good at taking car key replacement jobs of all models of leading Japanese Makes including Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Mazda, Hino and rest of the manufacturers of this never-ending list.

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How to keep car keys safe?

It is not necessary that car replacement keys shall be ordered only in such emergency situations rather it is wise and better to keep spare keys, not only of your car but also of all your other important keys. Always take good care of your car keys and get your old or lost car keys erased from the system so it may not lead you to some unpleasant situation. Most of the car thefts take place through those forgotten yet useful keys. We are there in Dubai to carry out all this for you.

You have reached the best locksmith for your car key replacement

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