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Kwikset Lock

Kiwikset - Locksmith Dubai

Kwikset locks were invented around 1946 by Karl Rhinehart as well as Adolf Schoepe. The tubular lock gets its name because it's simple to put in. American Hardware Corporation eventually bought the brand in the year 1957,at which point it was awarded the coveted title as the number one residential lock Manufacturer. Customers enjoyed relatively inexpensive Kwikset lock until the time the company introduced its premium lock in the year 1992. It was called the Titan line. In 2007 the very first Kwikset locks that were keyless, SmartScan, hit the market. It uses the technology of fingerprint identification which we like the most. Most of our customers love it because it's a decent enough lock to put on your doors on the inner side to level up your security.


Schlag - Locksmith Dubai

Walter Schlage, the founder of Schlage locks, invented its first locking in 1909, which could turn on a light and off. Then, in 1920, he set up his first store and created the first lock to have an electronic push-button inside the doorknob. After many years of success in introducing a range of different locks, Schlage Company was sold to Ingersoll Rand in 1974, an equipment manufacturer for construction. The Schlage Cylinders, Primus, and Everest, show to be the most pick and bump resistant of the lower-cost cylinder locks. Therefore, they are priced higher than the other less expensive Door lock.

Locksmith in Dubai highly recommend this brand and recommend Schlage locks because they are available at an excellent price, considering that they are affordable and provide a good level of security and an easy Door long change.


There are Baldwin locks, but they aren't as popular as Kwikset or Schlage. However, they make up for their lack of popularity by being beautiful and strong. Jackie Kennedy, the widow of assassinated American president JFK, hired the Baldwin Company to make rim locks that could never be made again for her private retreat. Baldwin outshined other locks by setting the first standard in the industry that was more than functional and was visually appealing and long-lasting. Although Baldwin locks aren't the most durable, they're certainly not the most expensive. We here at Locksmith in Dubai will go even further to say Baldwin are among the most durable locks on the market.


It's rare to meet someone who has an actual lock that can claim to have never seen the Yale lock. They are so popular that the term lock is often substituted for the word Yale in certain circles. That's how reputable and popular the brand is. Linus Yale Jr., son of the man who founded Yale Locks, joined the company in 1850 and enhanced and improved his father's invention, the pin tumbler lock cylinder.

The innovation-led to Linus Jr the leading expert in locking his day, and most people will agree about the superiority of Yale product or Yale Jr's creation. Thanks to Yale's innovations, every brand that utilizes the cylinder lock has done the same thing. The acceptanceof Yale locks has grown steadily throughout the UK, especially since the 1879 introduction of the Yale padlock range, which is why we, locksmith in Dubaioffers these locks at low price and we highly recommend this brand.The ASSA-ABLOY Group purchased Yale in August 2000.


Abloy is one of the doors locking companies we recommend to our customers. Their range of products includes an array of padlocks, electric locking door cylinders, door closers, and door operators. You must consider this brand when you like to Change door lock in Dubai. Abloy is the name given to the lock and key, too, created around 1907 in 1907 by Emil Henriksson. Then, two years later, the detainer disc cylinder was released, and lock manufacturing began in 1918. Ab Lasfabriken - Lukkotehdas Oy, and that's the source of the name Abloy is derived from. The company is dedicated to offering all security services, starting with initial surveys and evaluations; they aim to determine the most effective solution to meet the needs of people.


Mul-T-Lock has been in the market for over four decades and has managed to become one of the top companies in developing and manufacturing locking solutions suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential use. Mul-T-Lock is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through R&D as well as design and manufacturing quality. The company has many patents internationally for its high-security locking solutions that ensure security, safety, and ease of use.You must choose this brand if you ever consider to Change door lock.This brand is one of the brands our customers love the most.

Corbin Russwin

The Corbin-Russwin partnership was initially named American Hardware, and it was later changed to Corbin Russwin. Their products are favored by schools and institutions and make them an excellent competitor to the other brands of locks. Their ease of maintenance and replacement adds confidence to the brand. Although they may not have security pins, they are challenging to pick even for experts. But, as time goes and the wear-and-tear effect starts to set in, the locks become much easier to work with, and that's why regular maintenance and periodic replacement are vital from a locksmith in Dubai. We offer this brand at a low price because it is one of the best available on the market.


For more than 50 years, Medeco locks have been providing innovative solutions for the security needs of millions of individuals and businesses worldwide. Innovation and quality are the hallmarks of Medeco. Medeco locks are produced in the US at their factory located in Salem, Virginia. Medeco locks are highly secure, locked with restricted keys. That means you'll have the highest quality material and a key that can't be copied by anyone who cannot show an ID with a valid photo and Medeco card given when you purchasethe lock from us.

Medeco locks are widely used in US military installations throughout the nation and out. These locks that we offer are also used by universities, schools and hospitals, banks, and other institutional customers. Medeco, founded in 1968, has become an industry leader in the latest locks and lock systems available here at Dubai locksmith. Thisbrand provides top-quality products that offer ultimate control security, security, and protection. The company has a considerable client base, including the original equipment manufacturers, security service providers, and industrial, institutional commercial, residential, and users.


What makes ASEC stand out is its manufacturing of high-quality yet inexpensive security products for commercial and residential properties in the UK. Its range of products is Sash-locks Rim Night Latches, Mortice Deadlocks, and Smart Door Locks.ASEC is a British firm that was founded in the city of Manchester. With quality and innovation as its core values, ASEC aims to improve its services so that UK residents feel safer at home and in their workplaces.

Its ASEC brand is driven through technology, and it is also a leading producer of access control entrances for commercial and industrial structures. Businesses can use ASEC's intelligent locks to safeguard their high-level clearance zones. We have a wide range of door opening solutions to keep your doors safe and secure. Our Door opener products are quick, easy to install, and use. Another product we offer is of ABUS door lock brand.We here at Locksmith in Dubaihighly recommend this brand. If you are looking for ABUS locks, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Our services are quick and always affordable. We carry all the necessary tools required to get the job done safely and quickly.Another brand that we offer is Devon. Devon Door Lock was a company that introduced the first smart door lock in the United Kingdom. It was a product that helped homeowners who wanted to access their homes remotely. The smart door lock, called "Devon Lockset," has been designed to allow people to access their home remotely by using voice and facial recognition technology. It is a new way of controlling the entry points of your home and giving you peace of mind while you are away. When you're looking for a reliable locksmith company that is easily accessible, you can count on us to get this lock installed.


UNION is a unique door lock brand that offers a wide range of products and solutions to fit any budget. This brand is among our top-selling brands.Established in 1840, Union locks began operations in the year 1840. They are a family-owned company that is headquartered within the West Midlands. It was originally called Josiah Parkes & Son Ltd. The company expanded quickly and needed new facilities. The firm now recognized in over 80 countries was renamed Union. Union is committed to employing cutting-edge techniques in manufacturing hardware for locking. Continuous development ensures that the installers and the users will enjoy an unbeatable level of security and quality.We here at locksmith in Dubaiwork with all major brands of locks like Union and provide you with the best value for your money.


Locksmith in Dubai is the best way to find your new KESO door lock brand.KESO provides you with a safe, secure, and reliable service provider in Dubai. KESO was founded in 2014 by three friends who wanted to revolutionize the way people open their doors. They wanted to create a system more secure than the typical door lock, which can be controlled by users from their smartphone or any other device.

KESO has caught the attention of more than 1 million consumers in less than two years since its launch. The company expects to have sold over 2 million KESO smart locks by 2020 and is planning on expanding its reach into North America and Europe. With an intelligent algorithm, our lock guarantees security and peace of mind. Plus, we offer 24/7 service in Dubai and worldwide


Locksmith in Dubai understands that the security of your home is important, which is why we offer more than just an ordinary lock. We provide you ISEO door lock, which is reliable. ISEO (International Security Expert Organization) is a brand that is trusted by many, and the main reason for it- is the quality of products. ISEO is a brand of keyless door locks that uses fingerprint scanning.

The ISEO door lock first appeared on Kickstarter in 2014 by a startup called Biometric Identification Technologies (BIT). It was funded and became one of the world's top two most funded campaigns on Kickstarter. According to the CEO, ISEO has been recognized by the state of California as an exempt product because it is not spyware. It warns its user of any intruder by sending notifications to their phone when someone tries to enter their house at night. This is especially useful for people who live alone or have small children.