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Safe Unlokcing Assistance in Dubai

Our technicians at locksmith Dubai have dealt with many safe lock problems and will fix yours quickly and accurately.


Safe Locksmith in Dubai

Have you lost, misplaced, or broken the keys to your safe? Has your safe lock failed to open and now you are locked out of your safe? Regardless of the issue that you safe has, our qualified and experienced safe experts will fix the safe issue fast and safely without damaging the safe or its contents.

Safe play a crucial role in protecting your valuables items such as jewelry, important documents, weapon, cash, and other valuable tangible investments from thieves, natural disasters, and authorized persons. But if you have lost, misplaced, broken, or forgotten the combination code, then it means that you cannot gain access to your safe. If that is the case with you, worry not because we have got you covered. Our safe locksmith Dubai can open all types of safes including combination, digital and key lock safes.

Our technicians at locksmith Dubai have dealt with many safe lock problems and will fix yours quickly and accurately.

Not being able to access your valuables because you have forgotten your safe combination is often a scary experience for many people. Fortunately, you should not worry anymore because our experienced locksmith in Dubai will fix the problem quickly without damaging or compromising your safe's security.

Common types of safes in Dubai

The two most popular types of safes in Dubai are electronic lock safe and combination lock safe.

Combination lock safe

Combination Lock Safe - Locksmith in Dubai

Combination lock safe use wheel packs that work together to grant the user safe entry to the safe. The wheel pack works together with wheels, spindles, dial, and drive cam. The combination numbers on the dial usually trigger the wheels which are located in the wheel pack. The combination dial is also connected to the spindle, which turns the drive cam. On the other hand, the drive cam is connected to the drive-in which connects with the wheel fly.

When the dial is rotated, it moves the drive pin, which in turn hits a notch on the wheel fly to set the lock into motion. Remember that this motion can only be trigged if the dial is rotated in the right direction. If the right combination is used, all the wheels align themselves properly, allowing the bolts to move, thus giving access to the safe.

Electronic lock safes

Electrinic Safe - Locksmith in Dubai

Electronic lock safes work in a similar manner as combination lock safes in that the user is allowed to access the safe when the right code is entered. When the right combination is entered, an electronic signal is sent from the keypad to the lock, which then triggers the bolt to retract to open the safe.

Regardless of the type of safe that you have, our skilled and experienced Dubai locksmith will fix the issue quickly, thus allowing you to access your safe. All you need to do is call us and our team will be right at your doorsteps in less than 30 minutes.

Safe locksmith services that we provide

At Dubai locksmith, we provide wide provide a wide variety of safe locksmith services. They include:

Safe opening services

If you have locked yourself out of your safe, our technicians will open it for you quickly. We provide safe opening services for all types of safes. Regardless of the reason why you have locked yourself out of your safe, we guarantee you that our experienced Dubai locksmith will find a way out and open it safely.

Replacement of safe keys lock

Have you lost, misplaced, or broken your safe keys? If yes, then worry not because we can replace it for you. The modern safe keys lock technology that we use enables us to replace broken or lost safe keys quickly. The new key that our locksmiths will provide is of high quality will work efficiently just like the original copy.

Safe combination dial lock replacement

If you are unable to access your safe because of a faulty safe combination lock, our team can help you out. We provide safe combination dial lock replacements to our clients in Dubai. Our team will work closely with you to unlock your safe and give you a new safe combination dial lock that works efficiently.

Faulty locks repairs

Not all safe locks need to be replaced. Some only need to be repaired to work efficiently. Our skilled Dubai locksmith team will access your safe to see if the faulty lock needs to be replaced or repaired. We only replace safe locks if they have to, but if they can be repaired, then our technicians will take that option because it is cheaper for the customers and also quicker to fix compared to replacing the lock.

Change of access codes

Some people, especially those who have not used their safes for a long time usually forget their access codes. If that is the case with you, dont panic because our experienced locksmith can help you. Our team will change your safe access codes and provide a new access code combination that is easy to grasp.

General safe servicing

If you want your safe lock to work smoothly and efficiently for a long time, then it needs to be serviced regularly. At Locksmith Dubai, we provide general safe lock servicing where our technicians check your safe lock and provide routine maintenance to ensure that it works smoothly. Safe lock servicing is highly recommended because it helps to prolong the safe lock lifespan.

Safe unlocking techniques that we use


One of the common techniques that our locksmiths in Dubai use when unlocking a safe is bypassing. This technique involves unlocking the safe by unlatching the underlying locking mechanisms without operating the safe lock at all. This technique is mostly used to unlock combination locks because they have no natural access to the locking mechanism. Bypassing safe locks is one of the most complex locksmith's techniques that take years to perfect. At Dubai Locksmiths, we have experienced locksmiths who are experts in bypassing safe locks. If they settle on this technique to open your safe, they will do so quickly and safely.


Another technique that our team uses to open safe locks is manipulation. As the name suggests, this technique involves using manipulative tactics to open the safe without the key or combination. Safe manipulation is even more complex than bypassing and requires vast skill and experience. Most locksmiths prefer this method to bypassing because it negates the chances of your valuables in the safe being damaged. Manipulating the safe requires the locksmith to have great listening skills. Safe manipulation also involves the use of tools such as sound amplification devices and stethoscopes to manipulate the wheels into proper alignment. Our technicians are experts in safe lock manipulation and if they decide to use this method to open your safe, they will do it in record time, without damaging your safe or its contents.

We mostly use this technique if the client has something sensitive that can easily get damaged such as jewelry.


Another safe unlock technique that our technician can use to unlock your safe is drilling. As the name suggests, safe drilling involves drilling a small hole to access the lock. Our technicians will use special instruments to drill a hole without causing huge damage to the safe. This technique is much faster than bypassing and manipulation. If our Dubai locksmiths use this method to unlock your safe, we guarantee you that it will cause very minimal cosmetic damage to your safe but its safety will still be intact.


This safe unlocking technique is similar to drilling, the only difference between these two safe unlocking methods is that scoping involves the use of a borescope (an instrument used to inspect the internal structure of the lock). This device is usually inserted into a small hole that has been drilled. This technique is usually used by our technicians if the safe has additional security features which make it difficult to be opened through drilling. Scoping allows the locksmith to check features of the lock then come up with a technique to safely bypass them in order to open the lock.

Cutting and prying

The reason why this is the last point in this section is that our team usually uses this method as a resort. If all other methods mentioned above fail to work, then our technician will use the cutting and prying technique. The reason why we usually use this technique as the last resort is that it may cause permanent damage to your safe.

At Locksmith Dubai, we have vast experience in using all the techniques listed above. Most safes nowadays are equipped with excellent security features that make them difficult to unlock. But we always update our skills and technology to ensure that we stay on top of the game. So, regardless of the problem that your safe has, we guarantee you that our qualified Dubai locksmith will find a solution quickly. So, if you are frustrated because other locksmiths in Dubai have not been able to unlock your safe, call us, and our technicians will fix it fast. The reason why we are the top locksmiths in Dubai is that our locksmiths always think outside the box to find a solution to the problem at hand. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, meaning if you have something that you need to get on your safe but you have locked yourself out, you can contact us any time of the day or night and we will send our emergency team immediately to come and fix the problem.

Safe locksmith services FAQ

1. What should I do if I lost my safe key or forget my safe access code?

If you forget your safe access code or lose your safe key dont panic. The first thing you should do is call a reputable locksmith in Dubai to unlock your safe to enable you to access your safe again. Please, dont try to unlock your safe by yourself because you may end up causing more damage, thus making the entire process more complex and expensive. Just contact a reputable locksmith service and relax, because they will do the rest of the job for you to ensure that you gain access to your safe without damaging it.

2. Is it okay to unlock the safe on my own?

NO, you should not attempt to unlock the safe on your own if you have forgotten the combination or lost your keys. Your safe should only be handled by a professional locksmith who has the knowledge and experience of unlocking safes. If you attempt to open the safe on your own, you not only run the risk of damaging it beyond repair but you may also end up damaging sensitive valuables in the safe. To avoid this, it is best to hire a professional locksmith to do the job for you. A professional locksmith in Dubai will open your safe quickly and safely without damaging the content inside.

3. How long will it take to unlock my safe?

The time taken to unlock your safe varies depending on various factors such as the safety features that your safe is equipped with, the type of your safe, the problem that needs to be fixed, and much more. For instance, repairing a faulty safe lock take less time than replacing a lost or broken key. When you hire us to unlock your safe, our locksmith will analyze the problem then tell you the exact time it will take to unlock your safe.

4. Will my safe contents be damaged while attempting to unlock it?

When you hire a reputable locksmith service in Dubai like us to unlock your safe, the contents inside will not be damaged. As professionals, we usually use the safest method to ensure that the contents inside remain safe. However, if some unlocking techniques fail to work, our locksmiths may be forced to use more robust methods to gain entry to that safe winch may cause some slight cosmetic damage to your valuable. But that happens rarely, 99% of the time, our client's contents are usually 100% intact and safe when we unlock their safes.