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Has your lock come out from the door? Has your main door key gone missed? Is your safe not locking or opening properly? Do you need to reset or upgrade your safe's lock or combination?


Door Lock Change in Dubai

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There are many issues that can happen with your door locks. The key can break inside the lock ,the lock can be cease, the door handle can become loose, the strike plate becomes unaligned with the latch or the frame jamb can become damaged .

Locksmith Dubai can take care of all the above issues and many more. Whatever the nature of the lock repair issue, it's often better to let a professional fix the lock, as a badly installed or repaired lock can lead to security problems.

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Changing the locks is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to feel better about your home. A screwdriver and a little bit of technical knowledge are all you need to replace a standard deadbolt. At the end of these steps, we'll explain how to change a simple deadbolt lock whether it is to sliding door lock or electronic door lock . This is a handy skill to have.

When You Should Change the Locks

When safety and security are at risk, we suggest you change door lock or have the locks rekeyed. Locks need to be changed most of the time for the following reasons:

  • When you just bought a new place to live.
  • If someone breaks into your home or steals from you.
  • When you have a vacation home to rent out.
  • When someone who rents a place moves out.
  • When a key has been lost or stolen.
  • When a worker was fired because they didn't like their job.
  • When going through a difficult divorce.
  • Every time the lock gets broken.
  • When the new owner of a building doesn't want people with old keys to be able to get in.
  • When the locks haven't been changed in a long time, especially in stores and businesses where duplicate keys are often shared.

What You'll Need For a Door Lock Change

The first step of any home project is to get all the materials you need. You only need a few things to learn how to Door Lock Change, and you probably already have two of them. It would be best if you had these things on hand:

New Locks

Buy a new lock for every door whose key you want to change. A standard deadbolt kit usually includes everything you need to install the lock, such as the mounting hardware and the inside turner. If you can, try to buy a new lock with the same make, model, and manufacturer as the one you are replacing. This will help make sure it fits right.

Measuring Tape

Measure what you need before you go to the hardware store. Most substitute deadbolts can be changed, but you should still ensure you're in the correct range. Here is a good summary of how to measure door locks.


Look at the tools you already must determine if you need a flathead or a Phillips's head. You might need both kinds of screwdrivers to assemble your new deadbolt kit.

Method 1 - How to Replace a Door Lock Without an Experienced Locksmith

Estimate the Door Lock for Size.

Find out how big the lock needs to be by measuring the door. Most new doors already have holes for locks. If you need to lock change near me, you should measure the hole to ensure the new lock will fit. If you don't, you'll have to make new holes in your door.

Find a New Lock That Fits Your Door.

Since door locks don't come in one size that fits all, you'll need to measure yours to find one that fits. If you buy the same brand, the sizes are usually the same. Check out locksmith Dubai list of the best door locks for more ideas. Check out our list of the best door locks for more ideas.

Insert the New Bolt and Affix It with Supplied Screws.

Install the new bolt and use the screws to hold it in place. Once you've selected a new lock, putting it in place is easy. First, move the bolt into place from the outside edge of the door. Use the screws that came with it to hold the mounting plate in place when it's in the middle.

Communicate the Interior and Exterior Plates.

Join the plates on the inside and outside. Use the two long screws with the lock to connect the outside plate to the inside base plate. Before tightening it, ensure the lock cylinder fits perfectly into the deadbolt. Then, use a Phillips or flathead screwdriver to make the lock tighter.

Attach Decorative Base Plate.

Put on plates with designs on the bottom. If your lock has a decorative base plate, put it on after putting it in place and make sure it works well.

Method 2 - How To Rekey a Door Lock

Step 1

Buy a kit with your lock's brand written on it. You can buy kits with all the necessary tools to change the key for most lock brands. Most kits from one brand won't work with another, so check the brand of your lock and buy a kit that matches it. Online and in hardware and home improvement stores, you can buy kits. Carefully read the instructions for your kit in case there are slight differences specific to your brand.

Step 2

Take off the outside door knob. A thin, wire-like tool that comes with the kit can be used to take off the knobs. Put your key in the lock and turn it to open the door. Glide the wire tool into the hole on the side of the inside door knob. This will make the knobs let go so that you can pull the knob on the outside out of the lock. You could likewise employ a stretched-out paperclip or pin rather than the tool. If there is no side-poke hole in your lock, you should replace the lock as a whole. Most likely, your lock is too hard to change the key for anyone but a locksmith in Dubai.

Step 3

Pull the tube out of the back of the knob. After you take the front of the lock off, look inside the knob to see if any plastic or metal sheets hold the lock cylinder. If there are any, slide them out, and then press down on the key, which is still in the keyhole, to pop the lock cylinder out of the back of the knob. If you look inside the lock and find rust or other signs of wear, you should replace the whole thing.

Step 4

Take off the cylinder's keep-safe ring. In your kit, you'll see a wrench-like tool that you will utilise to pull the retainer ring that keeps the cylinder housing in place. Slide the tool around the ring in a horseshoe shape, and then turn the tool to pop the ring off.

Step 5

Pull the plug out of the cylinder's top. The cylinder follower that comes with your kit is a tube-shaped tool that you can use to slide the plug out of the housing. To get the plug out, push it through the cylinder housing opposite the keyhole. As you slide the plug out, keep constant pressure on the plug and follower and make sure they stay in contact. This will keep the lock pins and springs from popping out and going everywhere.

Step 6

Take the old pins out of the cylinder plug. You must turn the plug on some locks to remove the old pins. Some locks may need to be opened with a set of tiny tweezers that come with the kit. Check the instructions with your kit to see how to get the old pins out of your plug.

Step 7

Compare the codes on the new pins to the ones in the instructions. After you take out the old lock pins, you can open the door with the new key that came with the kit. The pins in the new kit will be colored or numbered, and the instructions will have a code. Use the tweezers in the kit to put the pins in the slots in the plug so that the code matches. For example, the code might say that starting from the side opposite the keyhole, the correct order is blue, red, red, blue, and yellow. When pins are put in correctly, they should be flush with the surface of the plug and not stick out of their slots.

Step 8

Put the key back in the lock. Once the pins are in place, push the plug back into the cylinder. Slide the retainer coil back into position, move the cylinder back into the doorknob, and put any metal sheets containing the cylinder in place.

Method 3 - How To Replace A Door Knob And Deadbolt Lock

This part will explain how to change your doorknob or deadbolt lock to one that works from the outside. Door: A Philips screwdriver, a drill, a deadbolt, and a doorknob is needed for this job. In this case, a combination set is being used. Step one is to remove four screws. In this case, all four screws are Philips screws, two on the handle and two on the lock.

Step 1

So, you can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the front, and back door handles. The first thing to do is take the lock off. Both the lock and the door frame have two Philips screw heads. Do you want to get rid of this? Your new set might go with this piece, but you should always make sure. It will be part of your new set if youdoor lock change. You'll need to take out four screws to take off your deadbolt. Two long Phillips screws will move from the bolts when the bolts are taken off.

Step 2

You could now move the front and back of the lock with these two screws. It should just pop out if you've removed the wood screws holding the lock. You can use the brand-new set that came with the front door. It's on the frame of the door. Handles and the deadbolt lock on the front door. There are two sets, one for the back door and one for the front. You could use the same key to get in through the garage or the front door.

Step 3

If you don't have a deadbolt on your front door or don't want to lock replacement, you can. You could buy just the door handles for the front door and not the deadbolt. Start with the deadbolt. The lock and the "up" sign on top should be facing "up." Put that into the door frame, and then use the same two wood screws to hold it very much in place. You can make it longer or shorter by turning this lock the same way you did when you took it out.

Step 4

You'll want it to fit your door like the data says it should, which in this case, is just a long way. But if you turn it, you can get to the short way. Just try both and see which one works. With the two small screws, the door is now locked. Now go to the next step. There's only one way to put the outside piece in, so it's easy, and you'll need it. If you bought this set with the deadbolt, it is held in place by two long screws.

Step 5

Make sure you put the front doorknob on with the right screws. These are the longer screws that are needed for the doorknob. Medium-sized screws: you can use your Phillips screwdriver again to put the two longer screws in the two holes. Lock it in place and make sure the lock works here before going any further. The final step is to put the piece back on your door frame. This is held in place by the short wooden screws, and you can now test your door to see if it opens and closes.

Step 6

Locks work well. When putting on a new doorknob, the first thing to do is to put the lock-in. Wood screws: The door lock repair now has short and long settings used for different things. Depending on your door type, I'll use the short set, and it will just come in. If the handle were too fast, it wouldn't fit, so try both on your door and see which one works. The next step is to attach the outside handle, depending on whether you need the long or short setting.

Step 7

If you push the lock in and pull the outside handle, it will only go in one direction. To keep it in place, you'll need to line up the holes for the other handle, which is the inside handle. You'll use the two screws on the inside of the handle to keep it in place. About the same amount of length is on each screw. Handles, and then make sure your lock works by testing it. The final step is. You should attach this piece to the door frame. To do this, you only need two small screws. After you put your new doorknob in place, that's all there is. Check one more time to make sure everything is in place. As long as your locks work, you're good to go.


So, you might need to door lock change for many different reasons. It would help if you changed the locks as soon as you moved into a new home because you don't know who else has copies of the keys. If you rent, ask your landlord if the lock change near me have been done. You should get new locks if you got a new roommate or break up with someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should door locks be changed?

According to the Dubai locksmith, a door lock change Dubai should be done once every seven years.

Is it possible to replace a door lock without replacing the handle?

You can rekey the lock with a kit marked for its brand if you choose not to replace the whole set. It's even simpler to replace a deadbolt than to door lock change.

How much time does it take to replace a door lock?

Even for individuals who don't frequently do DIY home improvement projects, installing a new outside main door lockshould take a few minutes.

Is it better to change locks or rekey locks?

Changing your locks for new, higher security ones would be the best option if you want to increase the security of your locks. In addition, rekeying is typically significantly less expensive than changing door lock price.

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