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Locksmith Dubai provides Master Key Solution in Dubai. It offers the service of designing either a new or adding to an existing Master Key System for your organization.


Master Key System in Dubai

Are you feeling irritated carrying a bunch of keys? Do you want a single key that can open all the door locks of a building? Do you need a special key that can open all the door locks and is easy to carry? Are you searching for "Master key Dubai", "key shop near me" or "Locksmith in Dubai" to make that special single key having the ability of opening all door locks? If your answer is yes! Then don't worry because, Locksmith Dubai has the best solution of your key problem. Locksmith Dubai will help you to get out of this situation because of its professionalism and technical expertise in Dubai. Our technicians are well-trained to customize your door locks according to a single key that is called Master key.

Master key

The master key is basically the key having the capability of opening all the door locks with only one key. If you are the owner of a company or facility manager of a building, you will surely need the security and the access to all rooms with only one key that is easy to carry instead of carrying a bundle of keys of every door lock. The master key provides you the easy access to every room. The settings of the locks are customized by the locksmith according to one key which is termed as 'Master key'. In this master key system, you can open predefined doors with a single key. It helps to maintain better control, saves key replacement costs and is easy to use. It also provides the very quick access to all rooms, e.g. for security staff and administration personnel. This is not only convenient but can also save lives in case of emergency. It has various types, some of them are:

Simple master key

In this type of master key system, all the door locks of each room are able to be opened by the individuals with the customized key. But all the door locks will be accessible by only one key which is the master key.

Grand master key

This type of master key is basically the master key having the authority of opening all the doors. Grand master key basically specializes in opening all the door locks of the building and their master keys. It means that if a person (especially the landlord or owner of the company) has a grand master key, he can access all the rooms of the building through that grand master key.

Difference between Simple master key and Grand master key

The main difference between master key and the grandmaster key is its uniqueness in terms of opening the different as well as all the room locks of the same building. Let suppose, if somebody is the owner of a construction company in Dubai and there are four different departments of his company just like the sales, marketing, operations and accounts department. Every department has two rooms reserved respectively as well as each department has a supervisor who is responsible to supervise his staff and their rooms.

Now employees who belong to the same department but share two different office rooms for work cannot open the other room lock of their department neither the others do the same but their supervisor can access both of the rooms because he would have a sub-master key that will open all the rooms lock of their sales department but the supervisor who has the sub-master key can never open the door locks of other departments using his sub-master key. The same scenario will be applied to other departments of the company, the supervisor cannot access other departments because every supervisor has sub-master keys of their own departments. Whereas, in the Grand Master Key scenario, the owner of the company will get access to all the rooms of the building.

master key dubai

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